SmartShaker™ - Wireless App-Enabled Bed Shaker

  • Wake up on time without disturbing your spouse or roommate by using SmartShaker™

  • This wireless bed shaker fits under your pillow and uses vibration instead of sound to wake you up effectively and discreetly.

  • SmartShaker™ pairs to your smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart and allows you to set your alarm by time and date, as well as choose whether to be woken by vibration, alarm tone or both.

  • With a wireless range of 30 feet, SmartShaker™ can be used even if your smartphone is in the living room.

  • The long battery life means it can be used for a month before needing to recharge.

  • SmartShaker™ is the perfect wake up alarm for couples, roommates, heavy sleepers and people with hearing impairments.​